Elizabeth Banks' Welcome to People

November 11th, 2010

Elizabeth Banks is set to star in 'Welcome to People'.

The 'Uninvited' star has entered into talks to play the female lead in the project alongside Chris Pine.

The Alex Kurtzman-directed project tells the tale of a businessman (Pine) who returns to his hometown upon his estranged father's death, to find he has an alcoholic sister (Banks) and an "angry" 12-year-old nephew.

As well as directing the movie, Kurtzman will also produce alongside Robert Orci - both of whom wrote the script with Jody Lambert.

Elizabeth, 36, currently has a number of movies coming up, including 'My Idiot Brother' with Paul Rudd and the title role in the upcoming Disney project 'Tink', about the fairy Tinker Bell.

'Welcome to People' will be Kurtzman's directorial debut and the second time he has worked with Pine - he wrote the screenplay for 2009 hit 'Star Trek'.

Previous rumours have hinted both Meryl Streep and Rachel McAdams may have a role in the project.