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The Iconic space opera franchise Star Wars will return with a new episode after the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney. Rumors of directors, writers and actors are abundant, but one thing is for sure, there isn't a movie with more excitement and anticipation that the new Star Wars.

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Carrie Fisher is putting some of her photo collection from filming STAR WARS (1977) up for auction on May 17th & 18th. Here are a few of her, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill...
Saoirse Ronan has auditioned for 'Star Wars Episode VII'. The 'How I Live Now' actress has confirmed rumours she read for a part in Disney's blockbuster sequel, to be directed by...
Oscar Isaac got his uncle a part in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'. The 35-year-old actor plays character Poe Dameron in the highly anticipated sci-fi sequel and his uncle was...
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