Five Unknown Facts about "Star Wars Episode VII"

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
August 2nd, 2013

Five Unknown Facts about "Star Wars Episode VII"

The upcoming release of "Star Wars Episode VII" is shrouded in mystery, but a few details have surfaced about this upcoming feature film and the other two films in the trilogy. It was recently revealed that JJ Abrams will be the film's director, but even he has been reluctant to reveal any details. According to rumors, the original cast may be in this film, but there has been no formal notification about whether or not Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher will reprise their roles or even make cameo appearances. In the midst of rumors and secrecy, the following five facts are perhaps the most exciting.

1. There will be a new poster artist for "Star Wars VII."

For Star Wars fans, Drew Struzan is practically a household name, and his fame as the poster artist for the other Star Wars films is well deserved. Rumors have flooded the Internet that Struzan would return to create the poster for "Star Wars VII," but sadly, those rumors were found to be untrue. Just as it was being announced the Abrams would direct the film, Struzan updated his Facebook status to say that he would not be designing the new film's poster. He continued to explain that he had never been asked and that even if Disney had asked him to design the poster, he would have declined. Based on Drew's public refusal of the job, it is assumed that this film's poster will have a different artist, and the new look could even extend to the film itself.

2. Some scenes will be filmed in Kent, England.

According to a report that was released by the British tabloid "The Sun," Disney has decided on at least one filming location. Some of the film will be shot at an unused quarry near the Bluewater Mall in Kent, England. "Doctor Who" fans may recognize the quarry, as it has served as a backdrop for more than one "Doctor Who" scene. Unfortunately, this information is still not confirmed, but according to the source at "The Sun," the quarry will be used for several battle scenes during "Star Wars VII." There is no word on where other scenes will be shot.

3. The film will tell its own story.

The new trilogy will not follow the storyline of any of the other films in the franchise, and in fact, it should have a completely new storyline. There was some speculation that the trilogy would explain how Luke met his future wife, but Disney executives have squashed these rumors and promised a completely new tale.

4. "Star Wars VII" may have a female in the lead role.

Even if the original cast returns for "Star Wars Episode VII" the film may have a new lead who may be female. Lucasfilm and the writer Michael Arndt have been working on the story for quite a while, but their progress has been cloaked in silence. Arndt, who won an Academy Award for "Little Miss Sunshine," was hired to write the treatments for "Star Wars Episode VII" as well as the treatments for the eighth and ninth films in the franchise before Lucasfilm was even sold to Disney, but thus far, not a word of his progress has been leaked to the public. Rumors about the possible female lead surfaced when Matthew Vaughn was being interviewed for a job as the film's director. Apparently, he suggested that Chloe Moretz would be a great star for the film. However, he was bypassed for the job, and his suggestion may have even been for a different film.

5. The choice of JJ Abrams as director may delay the making of the film.

By hiring Abrams as the film's director, the producers ensured that they had a competent person for the job, but their choice may have also delayed the movie's release. As a successful director, Abrams has a busy calendar. His film "Star Trek Into Darkness" hit the big screen on May 16th, and he had to do a lot of publicity work in the months surrounding that release. He also has his own production company, Bad Robot Productions, which he has to pay some attention to as well. While Abrams was interviewed by the press, he refused to reveal any details at all, and he made no comment on whether or not the film would be delayed. However, he has not publicly committed to the film's projected 2015 release date, and fans fear that the film might even be delayed until 2016.