Stephen Moyer feared for career after fall

December 5th, 2010

Stephen Moyer worried he'd ended his career - by falling off a curb.

The British actor recently slipped and damaged his ankle while holidaying in Italy and admits he feared it would have an impact on his future filming commitments.

The 'True Blood' star said: "I injured my ankle while stepping off a curb. It was scary because you think, 'Everything's going to stop, I won't be able to earn a living.'

"If you're doing an acting job you have to sign a contract to say you won't ski, ride horses or bungee jump in case you injure yourself - but I was just stepping off a curb."

Stephen - who stars alongside his wife Anna Paquin in the TV show - also admitted he sometimes doesn't realise exactly how famous he is and feels a little starstruck at Hollywood parties.

He told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "Being famous feels like walking into a party you weren't invited to. Sometimes I stand in a place surrounded by people I grew up watching in films I and I think, 'How did I get in?' "