Keira Knightley's sexy practice for A Dangerous Method

April 4th, 2012

Keira Knightley practiced sex faces for ''two days'' to perfect her raunchy look in 'A Dangerous Method'.

The 27-year-old actress allowed the movie's director David Cronenberg to choose which of her facial expressions should be the one to use in her role as mental patient Sabina Spielrein in the historical film following her lengthy preparation.

She said: ''I worked with that and sat in my bathroom and pulled faces at myself for two days.

''Then I got on Skype with David and went, 'I've come up with this' or 'I've come up with that' and he went, 'that one!'''

Following the brunette beauty's serious role in 'A Dangerous Method', Keira was delighted to land a ''lighter'' part in forthcoming film 'Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World', which has seen her strike up a new friendship Steve Carell.

Speaking to the David in the new issue of Interview Magazine, she added: ''I love Steve Carell; he is one of the most loveliest men on earth.

''It was my attempt, given that my work seems to be going from dark, to dark, to darker, to do something a little bit light. And then my friend said, 'What's it about?' And I said, 'The end of the world.' So I've managed to go a tiny bit lighter, but it is about the end of everything.''