Steven Spielberg: Lincoln is patriotic

January 19th, 2013

Steven Spielberg showed his patriotism through 'Lincoln'.

The director's latest Academy Award-nominated film about the life of iconic US president Abraham Lincoln - with Daniel Day-Lewis earning an Oscar nomination for his portrayal as the historical figure - has received critical acclaim, and the veteran filmmaker felt a deep connection to the movie as it expresses his love of America.

He said the movie confirmed ''the fact that I am a patriot and that I have a love for this country. I have expressed that in other movies, but I really tried to express it in this one - a respect for the fact that democracy works.

''The machinery of the democratic process is really no different today from what it was 150 years ago. I wanted to point that out.''

The 66-year-old film director recalled the positive reaction the film received from current US president Barack Obama during a private screening at the White House.

He said: ''It was the most beautiful response. More than I could ever have hoped for - but his words will remain private and I shall not violate the 'fourth wall' of the White House.''

'Lincoln' recently received 12 Oscar nominations - including Best Picture and a personal nomination for Steven in the Best Director category - as well as 10 BAFTA nominations.