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A former thief frantically searches for his missing daughter, who has been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a taxi. Starring Nicolas Cage, Josh Lucas, Malin Akerman & Danny Huston.

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2012-10-02 10:44

Movie Review: "Stolen"

-- Rating: R (some violence, brief language)
Length: 96 minutes

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Steve Wozniak thinks ''accuracy is second to entertainment'' in the new 'Steve Jobs' movie. The 64-year-old Apple co-founder - who's played by Seth Rogen in the eagerly-awaited...
Jennifer Lawrence maintains her privacy by rarely leaving her house. The 'Hunger Games' star - who was devastated when naked photographs of her were stolen and published online by...
George Clooney thinks he's getting too old for acting. The 52-year-old star has hinted he is thinking about retiring from the big screen in the near future to focus on his work as...
Nicolas Cage is set to star in Richard Kelly's 'Amicus'. The 'Stolen' actor will team up with the 'Donnie Darko' director for the real-life crime thriller based on former record...

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