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Super Troopers is a 2001 comedy film directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, written by and starring the Broken Lizard comedy group. Marisa Coughlan, Daniel von Bargen and Brian Cox co-star while Lynda Carter has a cameo appearance.

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2014-01-31 13:33

Formed at Colgate University in 1990, the Broken Lizard comedy group consists of five members. In addition...

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From chugging maple syrup, to “delousing” with powdered sugar, to giving a disabling “Snoring Panda” massage, the baby-faced Kevin Heffernan has experienced some crazy adventures...
MOTW: The Five Most Memorable Quotes from Super Troopers
Officers Mac, Thorny, Foster, Rabbit and Farva are Vermont State Troopers on the verge of losing their department to the local police. This familiar movie is "Super Troopers," the...
"Super Troopers" is the cinematic brainchild of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard. The group initially formed while its principal members were students at Colgate University. They...

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