MOTW: The Five Most Memorable Quotes from Super Troopers

Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures
January 29th, 2014

MOTW: The Five Most Memorable Quotes from Super Troopers

Broken Lizard, a comedy troupe famous for such films as “Club Dread” and “Beerfest,” reached its zenith with the film “Super Troopers.” Not only is “Super Troopers” every bit as outrageous as other efforts by the group, it represents by far their most quotable work. Almost every other line in this film sticks in the viewer's head and begs repetition, making “Super Troopers” a cult classic popular with young people and stoners. While the whole film is sidesplitting, check out this list of the five most memorable quotes from “Super Troopers” to relive some favorite moments.

"The Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries"

As a prelude to the insanity of the rest of the film, the opening sequence features three college stoners cruising through Vermont. Unfortunately for the stoners, the Vermont State Troopers are in hot pursuit. Upon seeing the troopers, one of the stoners (Geoffrey Arend) is nominated to consume almost all drugs on board. The stoners fail to dispose of all the drugs and are picked up for a littering violation by officers Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar) and Rabbit (Erik Stolhankse). While in the back of the police cruiser, the doped-up stoner begins to hallucinate wildly. He licks the window with a wild-eyed look and states to his companions, “The snozzberries taste like snozzberries.”

"You Boys Like Mexico"

Just before Thorny and Rabbit are ready to take the stoners to the station, a wild joy rider speeds past them on the highway. Thorny replies to this unthinkable insult with “mother of God” and takes off in hot pursuit. The pair follow the joy rider, stoners in tow, and strangely arrive at their favorite local hangout. Figuring that they have the criminal cornered, the two burst in, only to find that the joy rider is actually officer Mac (Steve Lemme). Not wanting to let go of a good opportunity for a gag, Mac assumes his disguise once more. He fires off a few rounds inside the bar and then commandeers the police cruiser shouting to the stoners inside, “You boys like Mex-i-co? Yeeeeee haaaaaaa!” The stoners are visibly shaken.

"It’s Afghanistanimation"

A key portion of the film’s plot revolves around a naughty cartoon character from Afghanistan named Johnny Chimpo. The image of Johnny Chimpo is plastered all over marijuana found at the scene of a crime, prompting the state police to question the connection. As part of their research, the officers gather round to discuss strategy and figure out the significance of Johnny Chimpo. When Captain O’Hagan (Brian Cox) tries to wrap his head around the meaning, his troopers inform him that Johnny Chimpo is like Japanese animation except that it’s a cheaper, Afghani knockoff. Rabbit states, “It’s really funny, Cap. It’s Afghanistanimation!”

"Who Wants a Mustache Ride?"

During a patrol, Rabbit and Thorny manage to apprehend a raucous German couple speeding across the highway in a Porsche. When confronted with his crime, the German joy rider (Philippe Brenninkmeyer) glibly replies, “We were going way too fast.” He offers himself and his wife up for sexual favors in exchange for leniency, which Thorny declines. Later in the film, Thorny ends up taking the couple to his home for just that purpose. He asks the couple, “Who wants a mustache ride?” to which they both reply, “Oh, I do!”

"Not So Funny Meow"

The most memorable moment in “Super Troopers” is cat game. The idea behind cat game, as conceived by the state police, is to see how many times an officer can get away with saying meow after he’s pulled over a motorist. Officer Mac challenges his partner, Foster (Paul Soter), to fit the word meow 10 times into conversation with a pulled-over motorist, Larry Johnson (Jim Gaffigan). Affecting a southern accent, Foster proceeds to replace the word now with meow and in the process causes Larry to laugh. Summoning some strange air of authority not usually present in his speech, Foster proceeds to go on a rant about how he’s completely unlike a cat. Finally, he writes up a ticket for Larry Johnson and tells him, “Not so funny meow, is it?”

While some of the comedy in “Super Troopers” is easily defined as cheeky, the film truly shines in quotability. The chemistry between the members of Broken Lizard really brings together the script, and the supporting cast adds to the film’s cult credentials. “Super Troopers” is clearly a film destined to remain a favorite in the same way that “Up in Smoke,” “Clue,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Heathers” are. Such films endear audiences because they reward viewers with jokes that don’t go stale despite repeat viewings.