Liam Neeson says he's no action star

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Liam Neeson stars in an action thriller film co-written and produced by Luc Besson. As former black ops CIA operative Bryan Mills, Neeson's character is divorced and has neglected to keep a close relationship with his teenage daughter Kim. Now that he's retired, he hopes to make up for it. However when Kim and her friend travel to Paris for a summer vacation, she's kidnapped by an Albanian gang that plans to sell her to wealthy Arabs. That's when Mills flies into action, using his CIA connections and training to fight off his daughter's captors.
February 16th, 2011

Liam Neeson doesn't see himself as an action star.

Although the 58-year-old actor has taken on extremely physical roles in movies 'The A Team', 'Taken' and 'Unknown' in recent years he doesn't think of himself as one type of actor even though he does love "flexing his muscles".

Liam said: "I don't see myself as an action star, although hopefully we'll do a 'Taken 2' in my 60th year. It's nice, I like being physical and getting to flex those muscles. I feel like a kid in a toys shop, it's great."

Although the Irish-born actor plays a scientist in new movie 'Unknown' he admitted it does have similarities to 'Taken' where he played a special forces operative whose daughter is taken hostage.

He explained to "It's a different character, it's a different scenario but the similarity in this film is the authorities have taken my identity and I have to find it again. I have to seek out who I am. In 'Taken' they stole my daughter but here I know who I am the authorities are saying I'm not who I am."