Lily Collins likes stunt 'bumps and bruises'

September 8th, 2011

Lily Collins loves getting "bumps and bruises" while fight training.

The 22-year-old beauty has been undertaking lessons to prepare herself for 'Brothers Grimm: Snow White', and prefers to look like she has actually been involved in a battle because it looks "more real" in the final film.

She said: "For 'Snow White' it's been very intense fight training and fencing for a few months.

"For me, I love just kind of diving into it. I don't mind if I'm bruised or bumped or whatever. I feel like the more bumps and bruises I get, the more into it I'm getting and the more real it's looking."

However, the British-born star did not get the opportunity to train at all for new action movie 'Abduction' - starring Taylor Lautner as a boy who discovers his own image on a missing person's website - and had to test out a scene moments before shooting it.

She told MTV News: "I get physical in the film but also use my surroundings and take note and use my mind to get out of things, like my female smarts. I got to do pretty much all of my own stunts.

"I didn't have training. I'd get to try things out a couple of times before we actually shot it."