Taylor Lautner torn over Snow White movies

August 31st, 2011

Taylor Lautner thinks Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins will portray "completely different" versions of Snow White.

Both of the actor's former co-stars are portraying the fairy tale heroine in upcoming movies - Lily in 'The Brothers Grimm: Snow White' and Kristen in 'Snow White and the Huntsman' - and Taylor is looking forward to seeing their interpretations.

He said: "It's tough. I mean, my excuse is they're so different. I can root for them both.

"Kristen's going to be cool and edgy and dark. It's gonna be something new for her and I think that's really exciting.

"Lily's gonna be great too. And a completely different feel."

Taylor can next be seen with Lily - who he is believed to be dating - in 'Abduction' and promised an "intense, intense steamy scene" between the pair.

He added to MTV News: "I call it an action-drama-thriller-romance, I mean it's got everything in it."

'The Brothers Grimm: Snow White' director Tarsem Singh recently admitted he initially thought there was "only room for one" 'Snow White' movie and is pleased his production will hit cinemas first.

He said: "For me, when I looked at it, I thought there's only room for one of these. And it looks like there's more. Nobody's backed off. I just know that we were ready so much earlier. And thank God for Julia Roberts, because when she came in, I got everything my way."