Liam Neeson hates filming on location

July 30th, 2010

Liam Neeson hates being away on location for his movies.

The 'A-Team' actor - whose wife Natasha Richardson died after a skiing accident 16 months ago- says he hates being away from his family to make movies.

Liam - who has two sons Michael, 15, and 13-year-old Daniel - said being away is "always tricky."

He explained: "It's always tricky. You miss your family. I'm very much a homebody."

And the Irish-born actor revealed that he often asks himself "What the hell am I doing?'"

He told the Mirror: "You find yourself stuck on a mountain somewhere with a skirt on and a sword, and midges are nibbling your b******s. You think 'What the hell am I doing?'"

However, Liam recently revealed he was "flattered" to be asked to be in 'The A-Team'.

The actor - who plays John 'Hannibal' Smith in the movie adaptation of the classic 1980s TV show - confessed he took the role because he liked the script and because those casting were "interested" in him.

Asked why he chose the role he told BANG Showbiz: "I liked the script. I thought it was a really good action thriller. The characters kind of jumped out too, it wasn't the usual format. And they were interested in me! A bunch of strangers want you to do a job, it's nice. It's flattering."