Box Office Preview: What's New This Weekend?

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June 28th, 2012

Box Office Preview: What's New This Weekend?

-- New Releases

“Magic Mike” is a provocative and funny comedy from director Steven Soderbergh. Adam is looking for an easy way to make a living. He thinks that being a stripper could be his ticket to riches and fame, but it is more difficult than he thinks. Fortunately, Adam has a guardian angel. Magic Mike, a veteran stripper, decides to teach Adam the ropes. Before very long, Adam is on his way to the fortune he always wanted. However, fame might not be all he imagined. “Magic Mike” has an R rating for nudity, mature content throughout, language and drug use.

Popular comedian Tyler Perry is bringing a new comedy to theaters on Friday, June 29th. “Madea’s Witness Protection” stars one of Perry’s most beloved characters, Madea. The feisty matriarch’s home becomes a safe place for an investment banker who needs protection after a Ponzi scheme goes awry. The banker tries to get along with Madea’s over-the-top family, with hilarious results. “Madea’s Witness Protection” has a PG-13 rating for brief drug references and crude remarks.

“Ted” is an irreverent comedy from Seth McFarlane. John has a very unusual best friend. Thanks to a childhood wish that unexpectedly came true, John’s teddy bear has been his sidekick for decades. Although Ted might look like any other cute and cuddly stuffed toy, he is actually rude, bossy and loudmouthed. Before long, John has to make a tough decision: stay loyal to his oldest friend, or move on with adult life. “Ted” has an R rating for crude and mature content, drug use and language.

Alex Kurtzman directs “People Like Us,” a new drama about the importance of family and the challenge of discovering one’s own identity. Chris Pine stars as Sam, a salesman whose life comes to a halt after the death of his father. Sam sets out to settle his father’s estate, but along the way, he uncovers some unexpected skeletons in the closet. The most shocking surprise is his sister, Frankie. As Sam and Frankie slowly get to know each other, they both find themselves questioning their long-held beliefs about family. “People Like Us” is rated PG-13 for some mature content, brief drug use and language.

“Beasts of the Southern Wild” is the first full-length film from director Benz Zietlin. The mystical tale is set in New Orleans, where six-year-old Hushpuppy has to learn some difficult lessons about life, death and family. After ice caps melt and release long-forgotten creatures called aurochs, it is up to Hushpuppy to find the strength to survive. The film’s PG-13 rating is due to brief sensuality, disturbing images, language and child imperilment. “Beasts of the Southern Wild” stars newcomer Quvenzhané Wallis in a breakthrough role.

Continuing Films

“Brave” is the latest Pixar film, helmed by directors Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell and Mark Andrews. Queen Elinor and King Fergus are proud of their headstrong and courageous daughter, Merida. The plucky redhead is a talented archer and loves showing off her skills. However, the princess soon needs to learn the difference between being brave and being foolhardy. The animated family-friendly epic has a PG rating for some crude humor and scary action scenes.

“Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” continues to charm audiences. Gloria, Melman, Alex and Marty join up with a traveling circus during their quest to get back to the Central Park Zoo and all the creature comforts of home. In addition to making some new friends, the animals also make some frightening new enemies. A ruthless animal control officer will not rest until the animals are turned into trophies. The film has a PG rating for some mild action sequences and crude humor. Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath and Conrad Vernon direct.

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” stars Benjamin Walker as the 16th President of the United States and Dominic Cooper as his trusty guardian. When he learns that vampires are threatening the safety of the country he loves, Lincoln accepts the difficult duty of fighting the supernatural villains. The inventive fantasy and horror film is directed by Timur Bekmambetov. The R rating is due to violence and brief mature content.

“Prometheus” is a Ridley Scott film that continues in the “Alien” tradition. Noomi Rapace plays Elizabeth Shaw, an idealistic and dedicated young scientist who travels to the ends of the universe to find the origins of human life. What she finds instead will change everything, leaving Shaw fighting desperately for her life. “Prometheus” has an R rating for intense violence, disturbing images and language.