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Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the Terminator, a robotic assassin from a post-apocalyptic future who travels back in time to eliminate a waitress whose sone will grow up to lead humanity in the war again the machines. Linda Hamilton stars as the young waitress Sarah Connor, and Michael Biehn plays Kyle Reese, the protector from the future who begins to feel strongly for Sarah.

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2013-11-13 17:05

'80s Movie Month! " Terminator" Review

Rating: R (violence, profanity, sexual...

2013-01-14 17:26

MRR's Action Movie Month: "The Terminator" Review

Rating: R
Length: 107...

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'Alien' has been named the scariest movie creature of all time. The frightening creation first appeared on movie screens in 1979, bursting out of John Hurt's chest, and came out...
Arnold Schwarzenegger has been bulking up for 'Terminator Genisys'. The 67-year-old actor is returning to play the cyborg assassin in the forthcoming fifth movie in the franchise...
Arnold Schwarzenegger claims 'The Expendables 3' is the ''ultimate action film''. The 67-year-old actor features as Trench in the star-studded movie and gushed about the film for...
James Cameron says it could be fun to ''completely re-invent'' 'Terminator'. The famed film director - who was responsible for the original 1984 film 'The Terminator' starring...

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