Interview with Thomas Ian Nicholas from American Reunion

Photo Credit: Photo by Kevin Winter – © 2011 Getty Image
March 22nd, 2012

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Actor/Musician Thomas Ian Nicholas about his role as Kevin Myers in the upcoming movie American Reunion. Thomas tells me about his acting influences, how he got started in acting, and his passion for playing music with his band, Thomas Nicholas Band.

1. Hey Thomas, the big news in the movie world is the upcoming release of American Reunion. It stars all of the original members of American Pie including you and your character, Kevin Myers. What was it like going back to the set and seeing Jason, Tara, Chris, Alyson, Seann and all those great people again? What are we going to find out about what Kevin has been up to?

- It was a trip to see everyone together again after so many years. I really thought that I had matured into a responsible adult but when we're all together it seems like no time has passed. In fact, we're probably more immature now. In the film, Kevin is right where we expect him to be, older, wiser, married and with facial hair. He's been working from home as an architect for the last few years. He's stayed in touch with all of his high school friends and again is the ring leader in convincing them all to come to the Reunion.

2. Is there a special place in your heart for the character of Kevin? Is there any moment on set throughout these films that always makes you laugh?

- There's a part of myself in all the characters that I play. Kevin is the character that I've reprised the most so it's almost like we've grown up together. My favorite moments in the films are when we're about to break character and burst out laughing. It always reminds me how fun it was to make each of these movies.

3. In 2010 you played Eugene in the Nicole Holofcener directed film, Please Give. This movie got several nominations and won at the Independent Spirit awards. Can you give us an insight to what made this movie so popular and what your role did for the film?

- One of the most unique things about Nicole Holofcener's films is that she creates flawed characters. My character's flaw was his height but other than that he was a good guy. So in a sense my character represented the 'hope' that things were gonna turn out fine.

4. You grew up being an actor in movies like Radio Flyer, Rookie of the Year, and A Kid in King Arthur’s Court when you were just a young kid. What got you started in acting and what, or who, has influenced you throughout the years?

- I originally moved to L.A. with my Mom when I was 6 years old. She wanted to pursue her acting career. She got a job casting atmosphere for independent movies. There was a call late on a Sunday night for an alter boy role the next morning, so she asked me to play the role. That was my first experience of being on set and I was hooked. I've always been a fan of character actors like Johnny Depp, Daniel Day Lewis and Gary Oldman. I aspire to follow in their footsteps.

5. You have broadened your artistic creativity and are now doing music. What prompted you to start the Thomas Nicholas Band?

- Music is a different outlet for me. It's a chance to express my ideas, thoughts and opinions. I wrote music for years before I found the right sound and style. That was when I decided to start TNB. Since that time, I've recorded 4 albums and played over 350 concerts around the world.

6. You have made several music videos that I saw on like “Without Warning”, “You Don’t Know”, and “Wasting My Time”. How much fun did you have making these videos and how cool is that Gibson hollow body guitar you play in some of them?

- Making music videos is always a good time. I've had the chance to work with some talented music video directors. In regard to my guitar, I'm definitely a Gibson guy. My 339 semi-hollow body is by far my favorite axe. Maybe it's because it reminds me of Dave Grohl's signature Gibson guitar.

7. You are currently working on your third album with the Thomas Nicholas Band. Do you have a name for it yet? When can we hear the first single off of the album?

- My 3rd album is a self titled EP. It was produced by Damien Starkey (Puddle of Mudd) The first single is called "My Generation" and it's actually on the American Reunion soundtrack album. Our EP also includes our cover of "Laid"

8. You are a very talented actor, musician, husband, and father. How do you find the time to juggle all of these different things in your life?

- In the last 4 years I've recorded 4 albums, played over 350 concerts, shot a dozen movies, stayed married and now I have a son. The key to this is no sleep. ever.