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Thomas Ian Nicholas began his career in acting at the age of seven when he was cast to portray a young Tony Danza on Who's the Boss?. Ever since his debut, he has landed many guest and lead roles on television including a guest-starring story arc on the last season of Party of Five in 2000. He also starred in several family feature films, including Rookie of the Year, A Kid in King Arthur's Court and it's sequel, A Kid in Aladdin's Palace. His most memorable role to date is portraying "Kevin Myers" in the smash hit trilogy of American Pie, American Pie 2 and American Wedding. In 2002, he co-starred in The Rules of Attraction, opposite James Van Der Beek and in Showtime's Stealing Sinatra, he portrays Frank Sinatra Jr. co-starring with William H. Macy. For the film, Thomas pre-recorded his vocals for the two songs he performs as Frank Jr.

Thomas also holds a love of music equal to his love of acting. He plays the guitar, sings and writes his own songs. In 1998 his band "the T.I.N. men", released their first album "Something More".