A Biography of Actor Chris Hemsworth

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November 12th, 2013

A Biography of Actor Chris Hemsworth

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne on August 11, 1983, to Leonie and Craig Hemsworth, a teacher and a social services counselor respectively. He is the middle child of three boys, and both his brothers are actors. Older brother Luke has carved out a career in films and television in his native Australia, while younger brother Liam has followed in Chris's footsteps and branched out to appear in several American productions. It is this branching out that has caused both Liam and Chris to become big movie stars in billion dollar franchises.

The success Chris would see later in his career did not come easily. Like many actors, he toiled in bit parts and one-off guest-starring roles for quite awhile before landing a recurring or major part. He started his career in 2002 on the Aussie television show "Guinevere Jones," appearing in two episodes. Over the next two years, he would appear in single episodes of four other TV series before landing the role of Kim Hyde in the drama "Home and Away." He initially auditioned for a different part on the same show but was not selected for the part. Luckily, his audition was strong enough to earn him the part of Kim, which he played for a whopping 184 episodes from 2004 to 2007.

After his stint on "Home and Away" was over, Chris decided to take his chances overseas and was promptly cast in the small but pivotal role of George Kirk in "Star Trek." He would reprise the role in 2013 in the blockbuster "Star Trek Into Darkness," again playing the father of future USS Enterprise Captain James T. Kirk. Though his onscreen work in both films is minimal, it got him lots of exposure, and he was asked to audition for the lead role in "Thor." He won the part, beating out several more established actors in the process. He put on twenty pounds of pure muscle to fill out his costume as the Norse prince opposite brother Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, who had also auditioned for the role of Thor.

The popularity of the superhero films from Marvel Studios was reaching a crescendo just as "Thor" came out in 2011, and Chris was able to ride the popularity wave. The film received generally positive reviews, and it was announced that he would play Thor in several more Marvel films. Not only was a sequel to "Thor" commissioned by the studio, but Chris was also tapped to reprise his role in "The Avengers," the highly ambitious multiple superhero film that was released to great fanfare in 2013. Due to this one role alone, Chris became an international sensation and soon got a chance to start headlining films.

Director Joss Whedon, who wrote and directed "The Avengers," cast Chris in "The Cabin in the Woods" several years before he landed the part of Thor. Unfortunately, the film got mired in post-production problems and didn't come out until 2012, right as Chris was already becoming a movie star. Still, he had a lead role and earned good reviews for it, which helped audiences see him as more than just a superhero actor. That same year, he was cast opposite Kristen Stewart in "Snow White and the Huntsman" as the Huntsman, a part he is due to reprise in the sequel, which will likely start filming sometime in 2014.

Before he gets busy as the Huntsman again, Chris will have to once again don his armor and wield Thor's trusty hammer for "The Avengers: Age of Ultron." This sequel will pit the squad against Ultron, a robot who becomes sentient and tries to take over the world. The film is due to be released in 2015, but Thor fans should not fret. "Thor: The Dark World" is slated for a November 8, 2013, bow in the US, which should tide fans over until 2015. This is the second big film in 2013 for the star, who received excellent notices for his work as a race car driver in the summer flick "Rush."

Amidst all the chaos surrounding his newfound fame as Thor, Chris was quietly dating Spanish actress and model Elsa Pataky, who he met because they both have the same management representation in Los Angeles. They quietly wed in late 2010 and had daughter India Rose in 2011. With a new wife, a baby girl, and a burgeoning movie career, it seems that the Avengers sequel could almost be named "Avengers: Age of Chris Hemsworth" instead.