Plenty of Newbies at the Box Office! What Will You See?

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November 7th, 2013

Plenty of Newbies at the Box Office! What Will You See?

"Thor: The Dark World" arrives in theaters on Friday, November 8. Alan Taylor directs the continuing adventures of the superhero While Loki faces imprisonment, Thor attempts to deal with an unexpected problem. Jane Foster, his former flame, has become a pawn in a scheme created by the Dark Elves. Thor brings Jane to Asgard, but even the Asgardians may not be able to help her. The film has a PG-13 rating for sequences of intense sci-fi action violence, as well as for suggestive content.

"The Book Thief" is a drama from Brian Percival. At nine years old, Liesel goes to live with a foster family. The horrors of World War II Germany unfold all around her. In the midst of this uncertainty, Liesel finds comfort in the pages of books. Her obsession with acquiring books will lead her in unexpected directions. Violence and intense depictions of thematic material contribute to a PG-13 rating.

"About Time" expands after a limited release. Richard Cutis directs. Tim has just discovered his ability to travel through time. He realizes that he can use this power to his advantage. When Tim messes up, in big or small ways, he just rewinds and tries again, meaning that his life is perfect. But Tim also wonders if perfection has a cost. The R rating is due to language and mature content.

"The Armstrong Lie" comes to select theaters on November 8. Lance Armstrong is a household name, known as both a heroic athlete and a disgraced man. One of the fastest cyclists alive, Armstrong has won numerous prestigious titles. When suspicions arose concerning illegal activities, however, Armstrong fell from his pedestal. Alex Gibney directs the documentary, which has an R rating for language.

"How I Live Now" is a dark, dystopian thriller about Daisy, the tough teenager who fights to survive. Daisy leaves the United States to live with a different family in England. But the beauty and peace of the countryside soon turns into violence and mayhem as war breaks out. Now, Daisy must draw on inner strength. The movie's R rating is due to mature content, violence, language, and disturbing images. Kevin Macdonald directs.

"Go for Sisters" is a crime drama from director John Sayles. When Fontayne finally sees the outside of prison walls again, she reluctantly joins forces with a former cop and her parole officer, Bernice. Together, the three hope to reunite Bernice with her missing son, Rodney. The search for Rodney will uncover some dark and unsettling secrets, as well as earn the three some powerful enemies. The film is not yet rated.

"Best Man Down" stars Justin Long as Scott, a man who gets to marry his beautiful bride while surrounded by good friends. Before he can enjoy his honeymoon, Scott receives some bad news. His friend Lumpy, who served as his best man, has died unexpectedly, and Scott needs to arrange a funeral for his pal. Brief language, thematic material, drug content, and mature content contribute to a PG-13 rating. Ted Koland directs.

"The Starving Games" is a parody of "The Hunger Games" (2012), directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Kantmiss Evershot must fight for her life, teaming up with nerdy Peter to win the Starving Games. Along the way, Kantmiss and Peter will run into situations and people that draw inspiration from blockbusters and celebrities. The spoof has a PG-13 rating for crude mature content, comic violence, partial nudity, and language.

Continuing Films

In "Ender's Game," the survival of humanity may depend on children enrolled at the Battle School, an elite training facility. The young people compete by attempting to win a series of challenging games. Ender soon establishes himself as a clear winner. But the secrets he doesn't know may cost him more than he realizes. "Ender's Game" has a PG-13 rating for violence, thematic material, and sci-fi action. Gavin Hood directs.

"Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa" follows the exploits and misadventures of Irving and his grandson, Billy. In a quest to deposit Billy at his deadbeat dad's doorstep, eighty-something Irving hits the road. Of course, Irving can't resist any chance to stir up trouble or shock the locals, which adds some extra mileage to their voyage. The R rating is because of strong crude and mature content, graphic nudity, language, and brief drug use. Jeff Tremaine directs.

"Last Vegas" is a comedy from John Turteltaub. His best friends assume that Billy will be the group's bachelor for life. As the friends enter their golden years, though, Billy finally proposes to his gorgeous girlfriend. Now, all the friends gather in Sin City for a last hurrah. As they soon realize, partying is a little different as older guys, but no less fun. "Last Vegas" has a PG-13 rating for language and mature content.