Tilda Swinton loves life in Scotland

October 9th, 2011

Tilda Swinton feels "privileged" to live in Scotland.

The 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' actress was born in London but has Scottish roots and is pleased she and her family have decided to settle in the country.

Tilda - who has 13-year-old twins, Honor and Xavier with John Byrne and lives with artist Sandro Kopp - said: "I'm a lucky Scot. I was brought up away from Scotland and was only ever there, once a year, in holiday capacity. So for me, choosing to live in Scotland is a choice for the perennial vacation. I feel very privileged to be back in the place I feel most comfortable. I'm still luxuriating in that. And I've lived there consistently since my children were born. Which was 13 years ago."

Tilda, 50, says she never felt comfortable living in England as it's never really been her home.

She told Vogue magazine: "In England, I always feel like an exile. I don't really know how England works. Living in England always felt a little bit odd to me, a little disingenuous. But Scotland is truly my home."