Tilda Swinton wants vampire glove trend to catch on

April 15th, 2014

Tilda Swinton hopes vampires will wear gloves in future films.

The 53-year-old actress stars in 'Only Lovers Left Alive' as blood-sucking Eve and while working on the film she insists the cast and crew wanted to use traditional vampire elements but incorporate their own twist which she hopes catches on.

She told collider.com: ''This fancy dress was really fun to work out. Of course because we were creating these creatures that had to have a similar specialness there was a lot of working it out ... [We worked out] how we could look at vampire law, take what we liked and make some new stuff up. For example, a new piece of mythology that they wear gloves all the time. We are hoping new vampire films will incorporate these gloves things.''

Swinton - who earned the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in 'Michael Clayton' in 2008 - recently revealed she struggled to get meaningful roles when she started her acting career and knew she would be ''a bit off an outsider'' until she got older.

She explained: ''I was never going to be bimbo material. So I just kept my head down in my 20s. I had this strange instinct that I would only begin to start my real work in my 40s.''