Michael Keaton's Toy Story laugh

July 13th, 2010

Michael Keaton "burst out laughing" when he was offered the role of Ken in 'Toy Story 3'.

The 'Batman Returns' actor admits he found it funny to be offered the chance to voice the iconic doll - best known for his relationship with Barbie.

He said: "I remember standing in my house when the director called and said we're doing another 'Toy Story' and we'd like you to play Ken.

"I think the phone literally fell from my hand and I just sort of burst into laughter and doubled over, and it didn't stop."

"Ken's a great character, a great guy. I just thought the idea was really funny and then once we started talking about him it got even funnier."

The 58-year-old star also admits he is pleased to continue his work with animation studio Pixar after he worked on 2006 movie 'Cars'.

He told Sky News: "They're such a good group. This is a really pleasant place to do business and it's hard to have a bad experience when you work for these guys.

"I was kind of knocked out by how good these Pixar films were, now they're as good if not better than most movies."

'Toy Story 3'- the final movie in the franchise telling the tale of Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) - has already grossed $552 million at the box office internationally.