Hailee Steinfeld to play Sleeping Beauty

March 30th, 2011

Hailee Steinfeld is set to star in 'Sleeping Beauty'.

The 'True Grit' actress is attached to the fairytale movie which is currently being persued by potential buyers.

In the new version - written by Lindsay Devlin - Hailee's princess would be transported into a dream world which she tries to escape after being banished to slumber by a witch's curse.

The 14-year-old star impressed film bosses with her Oscar-nominated role in 'True Grit' so much it is thought it won't take long for her reps at ICM to secure a deal.

'Sleeping Beauty' will be one of many fairytales being produced in Hollywood after Tim Burton's version of 'Alice in Wonderland' grossed over $1 billion worldwide last year.

The kooky director is now working on 'Maleficent' - another version of 'Sleeping Beauty' which focuses on the tale's evil queen - which has Angelina Jolie lined up the lead role.

Last year the brunette beauty revealed she would love to be involved in the project because she loved the character as a child.

She said: "It's all new and being discussed, but I loved her when I was a little girl. She was my favourite.

"Tim Burton, the chance to work with him would be extraordinary."