Michelle Pfeiffer excited about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

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The third and final installment in Christopher Nolan's Batman film series, The Dark Knight Rises is the sequel to 2008's The Dark Knight. Christian Bale reprises his role as Bruce Wayne (Batman) while Gary Oldman, Sir Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman all return to play their respective characters as a terrorist leader called Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing its hero to breaking point and beyond. Anne Hathaway plays Catwoman.
April 30th, 2012

Michelle Pfeiffer thinks Anne Hathaway will make a fantastic Catwoman in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

Michelle played the role in 'Batman Returns' and is thrilled Anne will tackle the formidable character in the forthcoming Christopher Nolan-directed movie because she can ''go to the dark places'' needed for the villainess.

She told Empire magazine: ''I think she's great. I'm actually very much looking forward to seeing her in that role. I'm a big fan of hers and I think she has everything you need for that role. She has the humour, she can go to dark places, she's obviously very talented. I think she's going to be really good.''

Although Michelle loved playing Catwoman in the Tim Burton directed movie, she isn't protective over the role.

She said: ''Halle Berry did it already, it's fine. The whole thing with Batman is that they're always changing the world with each director. I would have loved to have done it but I know that's not what the franchise is really about now.''

Michelle is a huge fan of Nolan's take on the franchise saying, ''I love it. It's very different to Tim's but I'm a fan.''