Tim Burton in Frankenweenie colour snub

October 4th, 2012

Tim Burton wouldn't have directed 'Frankenweenie' if it couldn't be in black and white.

The 54-year-old helmer insisted the Disney comedy animation motion picture shouldn't be in colour because it would have lost its ''extra slightly weird emotional depth'', but he was ''surprised'' when the studio didn't stand in his way and granted his wish to film in black and white.

When asked if he ever considered doing the movie in colour, he said: ''No I wouldn't have. In fact if the studio had said it has to be in colour, I wouldn't have done it, because it was that important to me that it be like this. But they were fine, they were cool, about it so it was a surprise, but I am grateful to that because they understood that it was a hard thing to describe but for me making it in black and white gives it an extra slightly weird emotional depth that would have been different in colour.''

Tim was delighted to team up with Catherine O'Hara - who starred in his 1988 movie 'Beetlejuice' - and Martin Short, who appeared in the director's 1996 sci-fi comedy thriller 'Mars Attacks!', again for 'Frankenweenie' and admits he ''missed'' working with the pair because they're ''so good'' at voicing characters.

He added to MovieViral.com: ''In the case of Catherine and Martin Short, they are so great that they are so good at doing three characters, that for me, I sort of missed working with them, their improv. Martin Landau has been an inspiration to me and he was right for the teacher. Again, you try to cast the right people that are right, but in this particular case its great to work with the people you love.''