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Timothy Olyphant is a handsome actor whose made a name for himself by starring in a number of successful flicks from different genres. Even when he's not the biggest star on the screen, his performances are strong and memorable. Some of Timothy Olyphant's memorable movies include: Hitman (2007), Catch and Release (2006), The Girl Next Door (2004), A Man Apart (2003), Dreamcatcher (2003) & Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000).

Perhaps one of Timothy's best film performances thus far is his part in the 2007 actioner Live Free or Die Hard, co-starring Bruce Willis. Here Olyphant plays the villainous Thomas Gabriel, who remains hidden behind a computer screen for an early portion of the film, making him untouchable.

In 2011 Olyphant had a starring role in the commercially successful sci-fi action adventure I Am Number Four. As a guardian named Henri, he's tasked with protecting the main character, whose an extraordinary teenager (played by Alex Pettyfer) on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him.

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