Tom Hardy aims for poaching movie

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Described by director Steven Soderbergh as "Nashville meets The French Connection," this multi-character drama explores the effects of international drug trafficking on all fronts: from their source, to the U.S. border, to the federal government, to the private lives of users. Based upon a miniseries originally aired on Britain's Channel 4, Traffic divides its time among three main storylines and almost a dozen locales. The first and primary plot thread, set in Ohio and Washington, D.C., concerns freshly-appointed drug czar Robert Wakefield (Michael Douglas), whose enthusiasm for his new prestige position is quickly offset when he realizes his 16-year-old daughter Caroline (Erika Christensen) is graduating from recreational drug use to habitual abuse -- a secret that his wife, Barbara (Amy Irving), has kept from him.
October 17th, 2012

Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are to team up on two new Warner Bros. movies.

The trio look set to work on a film about animal poaching and one about trafficking through their respective production companies, Material Pictures (Maguire), Appian Way (DiCaprio) and Executive Options (Hardy).

The first as-yet untitled project is being written by Sheldon Turner and is based on an idea by Tom. The movie will be set in Africa, with the 'Dark Knight Rises' star set to play a Special Forces soldier who trains rangers to fight off poachers who are wiping out the elephant and rhino populations in Zimbabwe, Deadline reports.

Leonardo, Tobey and Tom have also been linked with onscreen roles for the second film, which is yet to have been given a title or a director and will cover the supply and demand issues of animals getting slain, stripped and sold for a lot of money in places such as China.

What's more, the motion picture is said to be a multi-stranded storyline in a similar way to Steven Soderbergh's 2000 crime drama 'Traffic', which tells the story of judge who is appointed by the US President to spearhead the country's war on drugs before finding out his daughter is an addict.

Tom is said to have signed up for the second project after finding out Leonardo and Tobey share similar interests to his own.