Cuba Gooding, Jr. to star in "Gridlocked"

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Based on a Washington Post article written by Wil Haygood, titled "A Butler Well Served by This Election", this bio-drama tells the story of Eugene Allen, a black man who served as a White House butler for 34 years, 8 presidents and had a unique front row seat as political and racial history was being made.
February 6th, 2014

Cuba Gooding, Jr. is to star in 'Gridlocked'.

The 46-year-old actor has signed on to play a former SWAT team leader in the action thriller, which is being directed by Allan Ungar, according to The

The story sees the former chief followed by an obnoxious movie star, who is shadowing him while researching a role.

However, the unlikely pair are forced to join forces when a team of mercenaries attack a training facility and the duo must organise its surviving members, while fighting for their own lives.

Ungar will direct from an original screenplay he wrote with Rob Robol, while Bruno Marino, Geoff Hart and Cody Hackman produce.

Meanwhile, Cuba won an Oscar award for his supporting role opposite Tom Cruise in the 1996 comedy-drama 'Jerry Maguire'.

He has also received praise or his role as Carter Wilson in Lee Daniel's 'The Butler' and will next be seen alongside Sharon Leal in the slavery drama 'Carry Me Home'.

Gooding admits his career hasn't reached the same heights since his 1996 Oscar win, but he insists it's all down to his personal choice of roles.

He said previously: ''My post-Academy Award years weren't great choices for me as an artist. It's been a problem. Caught in the trappings, that private-jets way of life, I had to deal with my stubbornness and the fame hype. I picked low-budget films.''

Filming for 'Gridlocked' will kick off this spring.