Simon Pegg discusses Mission Impossible 'evolution'

June 21st, 2011

'Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol' is an "evolution" of the series.

The fourth film in the action movie series again stars Tom Cruise as action man Ethan Hunt and although the introduction of Jeremy Renner's character Brandt has seen him touted as a successor to Tom, co-star Simon Pegg doesn't see anyone replacing him for some time.

He explained: "Looking at the film as it is, I don't think Jeremy's character will replace Ethan. It's anyone's guess really. It certainly sets up a new IMF agent who can return and who is an Ethan level player. We'll see. I honestly don't know.

"It's one of those things that there's a lot of life in that story because it is a kind of Bond thing that you can just have iterations of different adventures and different teams and stuff. I can't say really. I don't want to give anything away. It's another 'Mission: Impossible' but it's an evolution I think."

Simon was thrilled to reprise his role as Benji Dunn in the action movie series and credits writer J.J. Abrams - who he also worked with on 'Star Trek' - for making sure there was a part for him.

He told "I get on really well with J.J. and we'd always said if there was another 'Mission: Impossible', can Benji come back? It'd be fun for Benji to come back. I had two days on 'Mission: Impossible III'. That was it. I did seven months on the fourth one so yeah, I go back."