Simon Pegg wants happy set

June 11th, 2012

Simon Pegg likes working on a happy set.

The 'A Fantastic Fear of Everything' actor says he's learnt over the years not to be a diva when it comes to work because it ruins the atmosphere for everyone else involved.

Speaking of outrageous behaviour, Simon said: ''It probably occurs with actors a little less. It's something that is expected of musicians, you know, the TV out of the window. With actors it manifests itself as disappearing into the trailer for hours at a time. I'm 42 now, I'm not some youngster believing my own hype, and I always enjoy working on a set where everyone's happy. I couldn't walk on set two hours late having refused to come out of my trailer, and feel the grips looking at me thinking: 'Who's that arsehole?' I'm not OK with that, but I can see how it happens.''

Simon recently revealed his surprise at how ''normal'' Tom Cruise was, after starring alongside him in 'Mission: Impossible 3' and 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol'.

Asked what surprised him the most about Tom, Simon replied: ''That he's quite normal, you know, he's a real family man. When Katie and Suri (his wife and daughter) visited the set, they're just like a normal little family and you see them doing normal things. I don't know what I expected them to do. Suri's a very sweet unprecocious little girl, she just does what kids do, she's not walking around in high heels and shouting at people, as some people would have us believe.''