Tom Cruise is a 'cinema dictionary'

June 12th, 2015

Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie are ''cinema dictionaries''.

Rebecca Ferguson - who stars alongside Tom in the much-anticipated 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' - has revealed that the Hollywood star and Christopher, the movie's director, are both avid film buffs.

She shared: ''Tom and Chris are walking cinema dictionaries. I'd have to go home and look up all the references they'd made.''

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old actress revealed she underwent a rigorous fitness regime to prepare herself for the role of Ilsa, a mysterious assassin in the new 'Mission Impossible' movie.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''They checked my physique. They had to know whether I could run, because for the stunt work they have to know that you are capable of doing it without tearing muscle tissue.

''It was six hours a day, six times a week - for six weeks. I forced myself to go to the gym. It was my mission.''

This comes shortly after Simon Pegg revealed he felt ''obliged'' to do his own stunts opposite Tom Cruise.

The actor - who has appeared alongside Tom in the 'Mission: Impossible' movie franchise since 2006 - has admitted he felt compelled to ditch the stuntman for the action scenes.

Simon explained: ''Tom never asks but he has a degree of professionalism you feel obliged to match, because if you didn't you'd let the side down.

''He did all the driving and I did all the sitting in the passenger seat screaming. It was huge fun.''