Tom Hanks wanted movie to explore adult education

June 29th, 2011

Tom Hanks wrote his new movie around the relationship his character has with Julia Roberts.

The 54-year-old star directs, acts in and co-wrote 'Larry Crowne' - which follows a man who suffers a crisis when he loses a job and his marriage fails - wanted to explore the way someone's life can change by returning to education later in life.

He explained: "I wanted to do a story about a guy in his 50s who goes to college and his life changes forever simply because of that.

"That, really, is enough to get a movie going creatively between two people that are talking to each other. I go to college, one of my teachers is Julia Roberts. Guess what happens? All the rest of it flows from there."

The movie has been compared with Tom's early career hit 'Big' - which followed a young boy who becomes an adult overnight - but he insists he never intended to make 'Larry Crowne' a companion piece to the 1988 comedy.

Asked about the similarities, he told DigitalSpy: "I think you could maybe put that down, it's certainly nothing we ever thought about.

"I think the reality is here's a guy that's experienced a lot of real-life bitter compromises in his life - he's divorced, he's trying to keep his house.

"It does come down to that thing that almost makes us feel like we're 13 years old again, which is the first day of school. The first day of school with a new class, you're going to be intimidated there, you're going to be on relatively shaky ground. That might cover some of the same turf as 'Big'."