Tom Hardy plays 'God' in Batman

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The third and final installment in Christopher Nolan's Batman film series, The Dark Knight Rises is the sequel to 2008's The Dark Knight. Christian Bale reprises his role as Bruce Wayne (Batman) while Gary Oldman, Sir Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman all return to play their respective characters as a terrorist leader called Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing its hero to breaking point and beyond. Anne Hathaway plays Catwoman.
May 23rd, 2012

Tom Hardy is ''playing God'' in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

The actor has been cast as villain Bane in the forthcoming Batman movie and admitted after being overwhelmed working with Gary Oldman on 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy', he was less intimidated on the superhero movie because he had to have an altercation with his co-star, who plays Commissioner Gordon.

He said: ''I spent my entire experience with Gary [on 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'] staring at him and not returning any lines because I think he's God.

''The second time [on 'The Dark Knight Rises'] I was playing God, so I ignored him. Kicked him a bit, that kind of thing. Gary Oldman is one of my heroes, I did nothing but glean from him.''

In 'The Dark Knight Rises', Tom wears a mouth-muzzling mask and he admits he found the experience, as well as playing strong, silent bootlegger Forrest Bondurant in his other new movie 'Lawless', difficult because he finds it hard to stay quiet.

He explained during a press conference for 'Lawless' at the Cannes Film Festival: ''These characters are difficult to play because I have a very busy head.

''I have inside voices that I have learned to contain.''