Tom Hiddleston wants Star Wars Episode VII role

November 15th, 2012

Tom Hiddleston wants to feature in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.

The 31-year-old actor is keen to take up a role in the forthcoming sci-fi movie - which is being created by Disney after the entertainment multinational purchased LucasFilm from George Lucas for an estimated $4 billion - but he is concerned he might now be typecast as his 'Thor' and 'Avengers Assemble' character Loki.

When asked if he would consider a role in the film, he told Digital Spy: ''Absolutely, yeah. It would depend on the story and the character and things.

''But I don't know, maybe people would associate me too closely with Loki - I hope not.''

Should Tom sign up for the movie he looks unlikely to be directed by Ben Affleck as while a number of helmers, including Guillermo del Toro, have expressed an interest in taking on the role, the 'Argo' star says he is ''glad'' he doesn't have to do the job.

Speaking to MTV News, he explained: ''There are a lot of good directors out there. Naturally I would be inclined to get somebody who's great at telling stories. You're never going to be able to recapture the story that was the initial three, because it's so legendary and iconic. I don't know, I'm glad I don't have that job. It's a tough decision to make.''

'Star Trek' helmer J.J. Abrams has already ruled himself out of directing 'Star Wars: Episode VII', but Ben believes he would be the ideal man for the job.

He added: ''J.J. would kill it, he would crush it, but he would be great at anything.''