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It all started 30 miles north of Boston, in the quaint New England coastal town of Manchester, Mass. At a young age, despite a loving family, proper upbringing and a good education, Tom decided to become an actor ---- Three defibrillator charges later, his parents threw their support behind him and the journey began. That journey took him to school in New Hampshire, San Diego, England and finally the acting program at USC, where during his junior year, he landed his first professional role as Whit Champion, on the NBC drama series "The Yellow Rose." His body of work grew as well, including the television movie "The Alamo - Thirteen Days To Glory" with Alec Baldwin, the starring role in "The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man," and stints on shows with shorter titles like "Fame," "Dynasty," "Melrose Place," and "Lonesome Dove." (He sang "country" on Fame, ladies). Feature films were also on the menu. Among them, "Fever Pitch," directed by the legendary Richard Brooks, "Red Rock West" (there's a story behind that one), "Courage Under Fire," directed by Ed Zwick, starring Denzel Washington and "Conspiracy Theory," starring Mel Gibson, among others.

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Recently, Movie Room Reviews had a chance to sit down and talk to Tom Schanley who stars in the new Mel Gibson flick Get the Gringo.  Tom tells me a lot about life as an...

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