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The hit action drama starring Tom Cruise as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, a daring young flyer who's out to become the best of the best. Kelly McGillis sizzles as the civilian instructor who teaches Maverick a few things you can't learn in a classroom. Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards & Meg Ryan also star.

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2013-11-08 10:49

MOTW: "Top Gun" Review

Rating: PG
Length: 110 minutes
Release Date:...

2013-03-05 17:35

Americana Movie Month: "Top Gun" Review

-- Rating: PG (language, action sequences...

2013-02-21 18:15

MRR Review: "Top Gun 3D"

-- Rating: PG
Length: 113 minutes

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The studio behind 'Top Gun 2' hope to secure 'The Jungle Book' writer, Justin Marks. The sequel to the original 'Top Gun' film, starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, has been in...
Throughout his career, Tom Cruise has shown versatility in front of the camera. He's received critical praise for his dramatic roles, and he became famous as a romantic heartthrob...
Tom Cruise claims he is ''very adventurous''. The 'Top Gun' actor insists he lives life to the full and spoke about his love of the film industry at the Jameson Empire Awards in...
Tom Cruise feels fortunate to have an ''incredible life''. The 'Top Gun' actor, whose career in film spans more than three decades, was honoured for his success in the movie...

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