Box-office Weekend Wrap-Up

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures
August 6th, 2012

Box-office Weekend Wrap-Up
During its debut weekend, "Total Recall" landed in second spot in overall box office rankings. The sci-fi remake earned $24,500,000. A man with a humdrum life finds himself pulled into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, revealing startling clues about his real identity. If he plays his cards right, he could end up becoming a hero. The film has a PG-13 rating for mature content, brief nudity, language and intense sci-fi sequences of action and violence.
"Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days" took third place at the box office this weekend. Junior high student Greg Heffley has a whole summer ahead of him. He hopes to win the heart of Holly Hills, but between his father and his best friend, Greg might not have any time for romance. The witty, family-friendly comedy brought in $17 million at the theaters. The film has a PG rating for some mild rude humor.

Continuing Films
During its third weekend at the theaters, "The Dark Knight Rises" continued to be the top earner. The film made an additional $35,500,000 this weekend, bringing total profits to over $353 million. Bruce Wayne reluctantly comes out of seclusion to restore peace to Gotham City, but the villainous Bane might prove to be Batman"s toughest opponent yet. Anne Hathaway co-stars as mysterious Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman. The PG-13 rating is due to intense action and violence sequences, language and some sensuality.
"Ice Age: Continental Drift" brought in $8 million, with a total gross of over $131 million. After disaster strikes, Manny discovers that he has been separated from his family. Fortunately, his friends are willing to help him brave the changing landscape and find his loved ones once again. The film has a PG rating, due to mild rude humor and sequences of action and peril.
"The Watch" earned $6 million at the box office during the weekend of August 3rd. The film has now earned more than $25 million. When a group of suburban dads decide to band together and create a neighborhood watch, they never imagine that they will end up fighting off aliens. The comedy has an R rating for strong mature content, violent imagery and pervasive language.
"Ted" continues to make an appearance in the top ten rankings at the box office, with earnings of over $5 million. John has to make a tough decision: build a future with his demanding girlfriend, or stick with his foul-mouthed best friend (who just happens to be a magical teddy bear). The overall gross now reaches over $203 million. The raunchy film is rated R for crude mature content, language and drug use.
"Step Up Revolution" earned over $5 million, bringing total profits to over $23 million. The daughter of a wealthy business executive moves to Miami, where her life changes in unexpected ways. When she befriends with a local group of dancers, Emily learns how to express herself creatively. She also falls for Sean, the charismatic team leader. However, when her father starts making plans that threaten Miami"s historic neighborhoods, Emily has to choose sides. The PG-13 rating is due to language and suggestive dancing.

Movies New to DVD
"Dr. Seuss" The Lorax" arrives out on DVD and Blu-Ray this Tuesday, August 7th. The classic children"s book about environmental awareness and corporate greed becomes an energetic, exuberant and thoughtful animated movie. Even young kids can appreciate the timeless message about caring for the planet. The Lorax, a grouchy but good-hearted creature, faces off against the Once-ler, a business maven who looks at nature and sees only profit. The family-friendly movie has a PG rating for brief mild language.
"Blue Like Jazz" is the story of a teenager who has grown up in a strictly religious environment. Wanting to break free from his roots, Don escapes to the Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by people with radically different views and morals, Don has to come to terms with his background and with his own unique identity. "Blue Like Jazz" is rated PG-13 for mature content, thematic material, drug and alcohol use and language.
"Marley" offers a fascinating peek into the life of one of music"s most beloved figures. Bob Marley left behind a legacy, through both his music and his political ideas. Director Kevin Macdonald makes use of rare footage and interviews to piece together a comprehensive portrait of the charismatic star. The documentary has a PG-13 rating for thematic elements, violent imagery and drug content.
"Bel Ami" stars Robert Pattinson as a young man who uses his wiles to overcome his lowly station in life. Born without fortune, but with plenty of charm and good looks, Georges Duroy quickly learns how to seduce and manipulate powerful women. The R rating is due to mature content, some nudity and brief language.