Tom Cruise for Top Gun 2?

October 14th, 2010

Tom Cruise is set to star in 'Top Gun 2'.

Oscar-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie has updated a script for the sequel to the 1986 classic, and Cruise is on board to play a smaller role in the film than he did in the in the original movie, where he starred as pilot Maverick.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott have previously revealed plans were afoot for a sequel, with Bruckheimer revealing at a press conference earlier this year he had been "approached" about a project.

'Top Gun' grossed $353 million on its release, meaning Paramount studios are keen to revisit the franchise, Vulture blog reports.

Cruise, 48, was most recently seen in action comedy 'Knight and Day' alongside Cameron Diaz, and is currently filming his fourth inception as Ethan Hunt for 'Mission: Impossible IV'.

McQuarrie has previously worked with Cruise on ill-fated war movie 'Valkyrie', and wrote the screenplay for upcoming Angelina Jolie movie 'The Tourist'.