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Described by director Steven Soderbergh as "Nashville meets The French Connection," this multi-character drama explores the effects of international drug trafficking on all fronts: from their source, to the U.S. border, to the federal government, to the private lives of users. Based upon a miniseries originally aired on Britain's Channel 4, Traffic divides its time among three main storylines and almost a dozen locales. The first and primary plot thread, set in Ohio and Washington, D.C., concerns freshly-appointed drug czar Robert Wakefield (Michael Douglas), whose enthusiasm for his new prestige position is quickly offset when he realizes his 16-year-old daughter Caroline (Erika Christensen) is graduating from recreational drug use to habitual abuse -- a secret that his wife, Barbara (Amy Irving), has kept from him.

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Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are to team up on two new Warner Bros. movies. The trio look set to work on a film about animal poaching and one about trafficking...
Tom Hardy is teaming up with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire to produce a new movie. The 'Warrior' star came up with the idea of an animal-trafficking drama inspired by...

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