Tribute to film critic Roger Ebert who has passed away at age 70

April 5th, 2013

Famed and respected film critic Roger Ebert passes away at age 70


Our contributor Craig Younkin has written this respectful tribute to one of the most notable film critics in history


Thank You for showing me the deeper level to this thing we call motion pictures. The things you did in your career will live on and have no equal, there was hardly anyone better at it than you. From being one of the best writers ever, to making one of the greatest television shows ever, and all the great opinions and love you showed for the medium in between. When you started there were only a couple people doing what you were doing but now there are hundreds, including myself, all trying to get their writings out there, all wanting to contribute to one of the greatest art conversations ever. And most of them are there because of you sir. Not only did you inspire them to write, but you inspired them all to want to debate and argue on live televison and love every moment of it.

Watching you argue with Gene Siskel and Richard Roeper was one of the great thrills of any movie fans life because we always caught your passion and your tremendous insight. And anyone who’s ever followed your Twitter account knows for a fact that that knowledge went far beyond the field of movies. You always were accessible. Smart without ever being a pompous ass, detailed, and and incredibly funny. I know there will be a time in the near future where I will watch a film and go to your site expecting to read a review of it and then I’ll remember today and it will suck because you were always the leader here. No one on Rotten Tomatoes was more of a “Top Critic” than you, nobody on there could ever give an analysis and make you feel such enthusiastic love for a movie or laugh at how truly awful a film was.

Your balcony is closed for good now, but the impression you left on the movies, on movie fans, and in life is undeniably powerful. You were one of the smartest and funniest guys ever, and me and all the rest will always be trailing after you, respecting that this thing of ours wouldn't of been the same without you.

- Craig Younkin (aspiring flim critic)