Interview: Saxon Sharbino talks "Trust Me" and 2015's "Poltergeist" Remake

Photo Credit: © Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival
August 28th, 2014

I first found out who Saxon Sharbino was when I watched the brilliant short lived TV show “Touch” starring Kiefer Sutherland. Saxon plays Amelia Robbins, a young girl with extraordinary abilities. Then a few months later I got to see her again in the Clark Gregg film “Trust Me” where she plays Lydia, a young actress trying to make it in Hollywood. Her career is blooming right now and she landed a great role in the 2015 remake of the horror film “Poltergeist”. Saxon was nice enough to sit down with The Movie Network and tell us all about her role in “Trust Me,” which is available now on VOD, and her upcoming film “Poltergeist”.


Nick Leyland From The Movie Network: Hi Saxon! I've been following your career for a couple years because I was a big fan of the show, "Touch".

Saxon Sharbino: Oh really?

TMN: Yeah. It had two seasons, right?

Saxon Sharbino: Yes, I’m in the second season.

TMN: Yeah, I sat and binged on it for like a week straight just watching them all on Netflix.

Saxon Sharbino: That's awesome.

TMN: Now "Trust Me" is now out on DVD correct?

Saxon Sharbino: Yes.

TMN: Awesome. What do you think? Are you excited?

Saxon Sharbino: Yeah, I'm really excited about it. I loved working on "Trust Me".

TMN: I liked your role in it. It was very turning, I guess.


TMN: You weren't expecting what I saw. Can you tell our audience a little bit about your character, Lydia?

Saxon Sharbino: Yeah. My character, Lydia just got into town. She's still trying to figure out her way in Hollywood and stuff, and then she books a really big role. And then you'd find out some stuff about it that you weren't expecting, and there are some other sides of her and other layers that you didn't think would be there in a 13-year-old girl.

TMN: It's a story based around behind-the-scenes of Hollywood, a little bit in a way, especially Hollywood for kids. Is that what it was like for you when you were getting into it?

Saxon Sharbino: No. For me, when I started acting, I was always around really good people. My agents protected me and my parents protected me, and I always had a really strong support system and people there for me, so I was really blessed in that way. But there are stories about kids and there is a darker side of Hollywood, and this type of stuff just happens sometimes, when you come out here, so it's definitely real. It hasn't been my reality, but I know it has been for some others.

TMN: Were there any scenes in this film that you were really proud of?

Saxon Sharbino: Yeah. The thing that I was proud of was one where she kinda becomes into the vampire. Not at the end, but in the middle. I thought that was really cool, and I thought the edits were cool and I got to be a vampire like them, so.

TMN: I remember that scene. That was a great scene.

Saxon Sharbino: Yeah, I thought it was really cool and I thought Clark did a great job editing it and everything.

TMN: He wrote and directed it, right? And starred in it?

Saxon Sharbino: And produced and starred. Yes.

TMN: Good God!


TMN: How did you end up getting it? Did you know these guys before? Did you know Clark before? Did you audition for it or what?

Saxon Sharbino: Yeah. First, I got an audition through my agent then I went and I met with the casting director. Then, I met with Clark. Then I met with Clark like three more times and we went over the entire script. Yeah, I met with Paul and then everybody else I met on set. It was crazy working with all these people that I so respect in the industry. And me, this being one of my first shows, it was very cool.

TMN: There were some very heavy hitters on this film, Sam Rockwell, Amanda Peet, and many more. Did you get nervous around them or what? Working with these veteran actors?

Saxon Sharbino: No. I never got nervous around them. They were really welcoming and they really, like, took me through everything and supported me and tried to teach me things. So I never really got nervous.

TMN: No? Man, I'd be super nervous.


TMN: What's cool about the film is it's a different style of comedy, wouldn't you say? What kind of style would you think it is?

Saxon Sharbino: I think it was called a dark comedy or a dramedy, 'cause there were some funny parts at the beginning, but I hope it wasn't funny at the end.


TMN: Yeah. What's strange about this movie, being a comedy, it's a dark comedy. It's not a Will Farrell laugh in your face comedy. You know what I mean?

Saxon Sharbino: No.

TMN: But I liked it, I really enjoyed it. How did you work with your schedule with school and stuff?

Saxon Sharbino: No. I was actually filming this and I was also filming "Touch" during the same time. So, I would work Wednesday through Sunday on "Trust Me", and then I'd work Mondays and Tuesdays on "Touch". So, I was home-schooled through that. And I had a tutor on set.

TMN: "Touch" was such a great series. How much fun did you have making that?

Saxon Sharbino: I thought it was awesome. Both "Touch" and "Trust Me" were very interesting.

TMN: Isn't it? Do you like playing the same character like that, like through 10 episodes, rather than just one movie character?

Saxon Sharbino: Not very different. I don't really know if I prefer movie versus TV. With movies, you have kind of the outline and the storyline in just ink, whereas at least, in a case on "Touch", you didn't really know where it was gonna go and stuff. So both of them I had fun working on. I had to work with both kind of around the same time, so I'm kind of used to those, I didn't really notice a huge difference.

TMN: Your long career is just now really starting starting. How did you get into it to begin with?

Saxon Sharbino: I got into acting when I was around nine years old. I didn't really know acting was a thing before then, so as soon as I found out that it was kind of like an option, I wanted to do it. So I started taking acting classes and then I got a Dallas agent and then I got a Los Angeles agent, and then people out here kind of helped me and... I don't know, it was kinda crazy.


TMN: 'Cause you've already had some pretty big roles. That's awesome for you, I'm really happy for you.

Saxon Sharbino: Yeah. I've been really blessed. I've had a lot of people helping me in everything.

TMN: Are your family and friends just going crazy in the Saxon fan club?


Saxon Sharbino: Yeah, my family and my friends are really supportive of me, they think it's pretty cool. My sister also does acting and my brother's kind of trying to get in. So it’s more normal for us than it was in the beginning.

TMN: You've got three actors in your family?

Saxon Sharbino: Well mostly, just me and my sister. My brother is pretty young so he's saying he wants to do it but he also wants to play football, so we're not really sure about him.

TMN: You know, for your fans out there that aren't your family or friends, if they wanna know what kind of movies you're into, what kind of movies are you into?

Saxon Sharbino: I like doing movies that are deeper. I like playing interesting characters and complicated, more challenging roles in movies. So I liked that stuff, I liked the ability of characters, just a change of characters, or like the "Touch" characters. I like that type of stuff. Like being able to show a variety of personalities. That's what I like.

TMN: Well, I'm sure you're gonna have many roles like that in the future.


TMN: You're working with Sam Rockwell again, what can you tell me about "Poltergeist"? Is it super creepy or what?

Saxon Sharbino: "Poltergeist" is going to be awesome. "Poltergeist" is coming out next July and I had so much fun working on it and working with Sam. I didn't really get to work with Sam Rockwell at all in "Trust Me". So it's very cool to see his style that kinda know going into it and doing it. "Poltergeist", it's a remake of the original. I haven't seen the original of it. I heard it's a remake. Yeah, so it's July, I think it's gonna be pretty cool. I haven't seen the final part of it. And they got out of re-shoot last week, so it's still coming together.

TMN: Awesome. Hey, well I really appreciate you talking with me and "Trust Me" is out now, so everybody can go check it out. Congratulations on your career and I've really enjoyed "Touch", I really enjoyed "Trust Me" and I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy "Poltergeist" when it comes out.

Saxon Sharbino: Thank you.