Countdown to "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" Begins

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment
July 3rd, 2012

Countdown to "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" Begins

-- Fans who were left hanging following the end of "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" do not have much longer to wait for the conclusion of the love story between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. The final installment in the film series will be released in theaters on November 16, 2012. Interest in the soon-to-be-released movie recently reached epic levels when a 13-second teaser trailer for the film was released along with photos of the couple's half-vampire/half-human child, Renesmee. This was certainly not the first glimpse fans had received of the charming little girl. A montage of scenes featuring the child appeared at the end of "Breaking Dawn: Part 1," further stimulating interest in what will happen when it is revealed that the couple have a child.

While prior installments in the film series have primarily focused on the romantic relationship between Bella and Edward, the newest film will focus on Bella and Edward's need to protect their child, Renesmee. Viewers were left with little doubt that Bella does indeed survive at the end of the first part of "Breaking Dawn," but they are left wondering what will happen afterward. Throughout the film series, it has been Bella's wish to become a vampire. Edward initially refused to convert her, but he later agreed to do so after they were married. Her surprising pregnancy interrupted their honeymoon and subsequent plans for Bella's conversion to the vampire family. In the trailer for "Breaking Dawn: Part 2," viewers see Bella awakening after she is bitten by Edward in a desperate attempt to save her following Renesmee's birth. Fans who are accustomed to Bella's previous appearance may be somewhat surprised by her new look, complete with pale skin and red eyes and lips to complement the look of her vamp husband, Edward. Despite her changed appearance, Edward is apparently still quite smitten with his young wife, as shown in a scene in the upcoming movie's trailer.

All may not be well, however. According to scenes from the newest film's trailer, The Volturi may not be entirely too accepting of the latest Cullen family member. The trailer reveals that when the Volturi is informed of Renesmee's existence, they believe she is an immortal child. Bella is stunned at the news. "She was born, not bitten," she tells Edward. That bit of information does not seem to provide any comfort to the Volturi as they begin to make plans to come for the child. Bella and Edward are alerted by his sister Alice, who is able to see into the future. The climax of the film takes place when the vampires meet for what proves to be an epic finale.

While the "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" trailer answers many questions, it also naturally stirs up quite a bit of interest. Edward is seen meeting with Jacob and informing him that the Volturi are coming for his daughter because they believe her to be an immortal child. Will Jacob side with the Cullens to fight the Volturi and protect Renesmee? As fans may recall from the end of "Part 1," Jacob appeared to imprint on Renesmee shortly following her birth. The Vultari may have more of a battle than they bargained for if Jacob also decides to defend the child.

The character of Renesmee is portrayed by Mackenzie Foy, who is just 11 years old. Pictures of Mackenzie posing as Renesmee with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson appeared recently in the media. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects to the photos is that the young actress bears a strong resemblance to her on-screen mother as well as her on-screen father. In the pictures, Edward Cullen is shown with a protecting hand on his daughter's arm while Bella is holding hands with her.

As a new vampire, it would seem that Bella is perfectly capable of protecting her daughter. Her superpowers include the ability to use her mind to create a shield for the protection of those around her and increased self-control.

Will "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" truly be the last in the highly popular film series? According to Lionsgate Entertainment, the company that recently acquired the rights to "The Twilight Saga" film series, it is quite likely that the series will actually continue. It is estimated that "Part 2" could bring in more than $700 million at the box office. Considering the potential of the continuing value of the movie franchise, there is some speculation that it could continue past "Part 2" with a television series.