How are the Twilight Kids Handling the End of the Saga?

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November 30th, 2012

How are the Twilight Kids Handling the End of the Saga?

-- "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" is the final film of the second half of the final book in the Twilight saga. Written by Stephanie Meyers, the books were a precursor to and just as successful as the movies. Summit films produced the movies, which have made and broken records with each release. Now that the series is over, the actors are trying to figure out their next moves. The film saga started in 2008, keeping fans occupied with books or films for the next seven years. Such an intense occupation for so many years will definitely result in some Twilight withdrawals. There are several ways Twilight kids will react to the end of the Twilight era.

Fans in Mourning

The fans, of course, are going through mourning over the end of the saga, peppering message boards with laments about the conclusion of their favorite series. Some are venturing guesses as to what the characters' futures are going to look like, while others are simply remembering their favorite scenes from the movies and books. This phase will probably continue, even producing some fan fiction before the mourning phase is over with.

Actors Ready to Move On

Interviews with the actors have revealed some surprising reactions. Many of the lead actors, including Taylor Lautner, Kristin Stewart, and Robert Pattinson, are eager to move on to other projects. For these actors, Twilight has been a lengthy yet enjoyable project. However, they are eager to move on to the next job and find new opportunities to showcase their skills. Most actors do not like to stay connected to one role for too long, as doing so can result in typecasting, which can limit future roles. For these reasons, the Twilight actors are very eager to leave Twilight behind.

Hope for Another Movie

The fans, however, are not as ready to leave the film behind and move on. Their hope for another film is being fueled by rumors throughout the Hollywood gossip boards about a reboot of the Twilight films. Fans are pointing to Summit Films as the source for one of the rumors. According to gossip, the film company, recently purchased by Lionsgate, is exploring a new version of the Twilight films, with new actors and a new twist on the story. This is the typical setup for a reboot. Other rumors talk of prequels and spin-offs using one or more of the characters. The spin-offs would have more common ground with Meyer's stories. She has written a handful of short stories on a few different characters in the books. Despite all the rumors, there has been no credible information about future additions to or remakes of the Twilight series.

Looking for the Next Fix

With no new fix on the horizon, fans are looking to other book series in the process of becoming movie franchises. There are several being released in the next few years. If fans are into anything written by Meyer, then they will see "The Host" in 2013, adapted from another one of the writer's book series. Fans can also jump into another book series. Several are available, including "Starling" by Lesley Livingston, "The Divergent Series" by Veronica Roth, and "Starcrossed" by Josephine Angelini. Many fans are already following the "Hunger Games" movies and books as well. Jumping into another series is a great way to shrug off the glum of losing Twilight. There are enough options out there to appease just about every Twilight fan.

Delaying the Inevitable

For now, many fans are delaying the mourning by watching "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" more than one time. These return trips are definitely fueling the movie's ticket sales. However it may not be the best thing for hardcore fans. Fan parties in anticipation of the DVD or Blu Ray release are also forming early. In fact, the end of the series delay will continue once the DVD or Blu Ray release date nears. At that time, fans will find many options for buying the last film or a box set including all of the films. Like the Harry Potter final box set, the Twilight set will probably include some memento of the film or another collector's item made just for fans of the series.

The close of the Twilight saga was inevitable, but that doesn't stop fans from feeling the melancholy of the series end. Fortunately, there are many ways to move on to the next big craze-a move that Hollywood is well known for. Soon enough, fans will have another series to call their own.

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