Miley Cyrus' edgy LOL

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Twilight is the vampire film that cashed in big on the science fiction trend in Hollywood. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz all became household names as a result of this 2008 fantasy film. Stephenie Meyers is the author of the popular novels from which the movies are based. In this installment, a young girl named Bella (Stewart) is sent to live with her father in the rainy little town of Forks, Washington. Then she meets the mysterious and dazzling Edward Cullen (Pattinson), whose unlike any boy she's ever met. The two are swept up in a passionate romance, though it's quickly threatened when the Cullens' mortal vampire enemies come to Forks looking for Bella.
August 24th, 2010

Miley Cyrus smokes marijuana and talks about sex in her new movie.

The 17-year-old singer-and-actress - who plays Demi Moore's daughter in 'LOL: Laughing Out Loud' - will be seen as a bad girl who challenges her mother with consistently provocative behaviour.

Details in the script seen by reveal Miley smoking drugs, kissing her female friends, and showing her mother her Brazilian bikini wax.

Among the lines revealed are Ann - played by Demi - telling Miley's character Lola: "You're my daughter. And I won't let you turn into a porn star."

Also starring in the movie is 'Twilight' actress Ashley Greene - who plays Miley's arch nemesis - and is described as a Post-It because "she sticks to every guy".

Miley has previously revealed her excitement about working with Demi on the movie - a remake of a French film of the same name.

She said: "We're good friends so I think it'll be fun to work with someone you like a lot. It makes it easier. I'm really looking forward to working with her."