Five Reasons to Watch "Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas"

Photo Credit: Lionsgate
December 21st, 2013

Five Reasons to Watch "Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas"

It is no secret that Tyler Perry has taken the entertainment industry by storm. His brand of gospel-based comedy has made him one of the richest men in entertainment, and there's one character in particular who is responsible for most of his success: Mable Simmons, also known as Madea. Madea is a pistol-packing, trash-talking grandma with a quick temper and vindictive nature. Madea often takes the law into her own hands, so she has a lengthy criminal record and is always on the run. Despite her aggressive demeanor and violent nature, Madea serves as the voice of common sense in her family, and she also has a very nurturing side.

''A Madea Christmas'' is the latest film in the Madea franchise. Perry wrote, produced, and directed the film, and he's the main star of the film as well. In this movie, Madea is tricked into visiting a rural town in Georgia with her niece Eileen, played by Ana Maria Horseford (Friday, New Girl). Eileen has a daughter named Lacy, played by Tika Sumpter (Sparkle, Think Like a Man), and during the trip, their relationship is tested when some dark family secrets are revealed. Madea helps to restore unity within the family while also helping to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Here are five reasons why you should go see this film this Christmas season.

It's a Great Holiday Flick

This film is set to be released on December 13, 2013, making it the perfect film for you to see this holiday season. There are many Christmas elements in the film that you'll enjoy. In the movie, Madea visits a rural town that's preparing for its annual Christmas jubilee. She works as a department store Santa and even dresses in a red suit and Santa hat. Although Madea is nothing like your typical Santa Claus, watching the way she interacts with various children and store personnel is sure to make you laugh out loud.

It's a Family-Friendly Film

Although the film is rated PG-13 due to language and a bit of crude humor, ''A Madea Christmas'' is a film that virtually anyone can enjoy. Younger viewers will not only enjoy watching Madea portray Santa, they'll have a blast watching her adjust to life on a rural farm. She'll milk cows, interact with down-home country folks, and teach a classroom full of pre-teen kids from the country. She'll also form a special bond with her niece Lacy.

It Stars Tyler Perry's Famous Character Madea

Whether you've seen every movie in the Madea franchise or just a few, there's no denying that Madea is a character that's sure to keep your interest. ''A Madea Christmas'' is the seventh movie in the franchise, and like the other Madea movies, this film showcases her threatening ways and anger issues as well as her caring side. If you're a true Madea fan, you'll enjoy this film just as much as you've enjoyed all of her previous films and plays.

It Features Multiple Comedic Actors

Madea is not the only character in this film who's sure to make you laugh. There are several actors and actresses in this movie who are known for bringing smiles to the faces of movie audiences worldwide. Anna Maria Horsford, who plays Eileen, has worked as a comedic actress since the late 1970s. She was a main character in the hilarious comedy ''Friday'' starring Chris Tucker and Ice Cube, and she had a recurring role in the hit comedy series ''The Wayans Brothers'' starring Shaun and Marlon Wayans. Daniel Lawrence, better known as Larry the Cable Guy, plays the role of Buddy. Lawrence is a long-time stand-up comedian, and he has a total of seven comedy albums that were all certified gold. Alicia Witt, who plays Amber, has landed multiple comedic roles throughout her career, including the lead comedic role in the movie ''Playing Mona Lisa.'' ''A Madea Christmas'' also stars funny lady Kathy Najimy as Kim. Najimy is a comedic actress and stand-up comedienne. She starred in ''Ugly Betty,'' "The Wedding Planner,'' and many other hit comedies. She also voiced the character Peggy Hill in the animated series ''King of the Hill'' from 1997 until the show ended in 2010. Pairing these funny actors and actresses with Tyler Perry's hilarious character Madea is sure to keep audiences entertained.

The Film Showcases the State of Georgia

If you love Georgia, you'll enjoy viewing footage shot in the city and country areas of this southern state. The film was shot in the city of Atlanta as well as in a nearby small town called McDonough. Watching ''A Madea Christmas'' showcases all aspects of Georgia living.