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Jim Sturgess & Kirsten Dunst star in this sci-fi romantic drama about a man who's been kept apart from the girl he loves for his entire life. He must risk everything to access the forbidden world of affluence that exists literally above him while manipulating the gravitational force that physically pulls him back to his world.

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2013-03-28 16:15

MRR Review: "Upside Down"

-- Rating: PG-13
Length: 100 minutes

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Kirsten Dunst has landed the lead female role in 'Midnight Special'. The 'Spider-Man' actress will star in 'Mud' director Jeff Nichols' sci-fi drama about a father who goes on the...
Alec Baldwin turned down a role in a Marvel movie. The '30 Rock' actor had been offered the role of a villain in an upcoming superhero film, but reveals that while he wanted to...
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