Warner Bros address unhappy "Veronica Mars" crowdfunders

March 17th, 2014

Warner Bros have addressed unhappy 'Veronica Mars' fans whose money helped get the crowd-funded movie into cinemas.

Kristen Bell - who reprises her titular role in a movie spin-off of the cult classic TV series - and show creator Rob Thomas, raised over $5 million last year from avid viewers of the show, through crowd-funding website Kickstarter, to fund the big screen production.

It was initially promised that those who donated $35 or more would be given a digital copy of the film for free but many fans complained after they were unable to satisfactorily download their copy of the movie.

In a statement Warner Bros said: ''If you paid for a copy of the movie a year ago, we don't want you to have less choice and freedom than people who decide to buy it today. And we definitely don't want you to end up paying twice just to see the movie on your preferred service. Please know that Warner Bros have given customer support a lot of freedom to help make things right, so if you're having issues, please let them know: they'll do their best to either help get Flixster working to your satisfaction, or, if you prefer, to provide an alternate solution.''

The film picks up several years after the TV series ended and sees private investigator Veronica return to her hometown of Neptune, California, to solve one last crime when her former high school flame Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) is charged with murdering his girlfriend.

'Veronica Mars' will feature numerous cameos from A-list stars including James Franco, Jamie Lee Curtis, Justin Long and Bell's husband Dax Shepard.