What the 2014 Film "Veronica Mars" Has in Store for Audiences

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.
March 10th, 2014

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The "Veronica Mars" TV series featuring a teenage private eye ran from 2004 to 2007, and it quickly became a cult classic. The series had nearly 2.5 million viewers per episode and received several awards. Fans were bitterly disappointed upon the cancellation of the series, but it was soon discovered that creator Rob Thomas was working on a script for a feature film. Although the original series producer, Warner Bros. Television, chose not to fund the project, Thomas began a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds from dedicated fans. Production began on June 17, 2013, and the film is set to be released in the spring of 2014. For fans of the series and newcomers who are wondering what this upcoming film has in store, here are a few facts that have been released.

A Plot That Fans Are Sure to Love

The TV series follows lead character Veronica Mars as she moonlights as a private investigator in her hometown of Neptune, Calif., solving a new mystery in every episode. The film takes off where the series left off, but the events take place nine years after the season 3 finale. In the "Veronica Mars" film, Veronica has been living in New York as a private eye, attempting to distance herself from Neptune as much as possible. However, when she discovers that her old boyfriend Logan Echolls is being charged with murder, she is forced to return to discover the truth of what happened. Fans are sure to love the continuation of the original story, but newcomers are also able to enjoy the plot without having watched a single episode of the series. Many fans are sure to be pleased that the relationship between Veronica and Logan is to be explored further, as the idea of the two as a couple was immensely popular during the series. The story brings the perfect blend of romance, comedy and mystery to the big screen.

New Faces and Old Friends From the Series

Kristen Bell is reprising her role as Veronica Mars, which is good news for fans, as no other actor could fill the shoes of the quick-witted female detective like Kirsten does. Jason Dohring is returning as Logan Echolls, sparking the same on-screen chemistry that entranced fans throughout the series. Krysten Ritter is returning as Gia Goodman, and Tina Majorino is reprising her role as Mac Mackenzie. The majority of the cast is returning, but the film is also set to showcase some fresh new faces, such as Martin Starr as Cobb Cobbler and Jamie Lee Curtis as an unknown character.

A Fitting Musical Score

Every great movie needs a musical score that is just as brilliant, and the composition by Josh Kramon is sure to hit the mark. As many fans already know, Kramon wrote the background music for the original series, so the score is sure to give the film a familiar feel. A soundtrack album featuring the compositions by Kramer as well as other songs featured in the film is set to be released on March 4, 2014.

Follow-up Novels and a Web Series

After viewing the film's impressive story, movie-goers are left craving more. Fortunately, creator Rob Thomas is continuing the plot of the film through a series of novels. Alloy Entertainment and Thomas have signed a deal with Vintage Books for two novels picking up where the "Veronica Mars" film leaves off. The first is set to be released in late March of 2014. The CW has also announced that a spin-off Web series is in the works. Actress Kristen Bell has stated that the future of the Veronica Mars universe looks promising, so fans may even be on the lookout for another film.

Widespread Release in Theaters and Elsewhere

Although an indie effort such as "Veronica Mars" is normally screened in only a few theaters, Warner Bros. attempted to redeem itself by renting out 260 AMC theaters for the screening of this film. Overall, "Veronica Mars" is set to be available to watch on 270 big screens throughout the country. Interestingly, the film is also available for rent and download on the same date that the film debuts in theaters.

Little is known about the specifics of the "Veronica Mars" movie thus far, but its overall plot and announced cast promises a spectacular film adventure. The rekindling of an old flame and the discovery of a brand new mystery is sure to take Veronica to places she never imagined. Fans of the series and mystery aficionados savor the opportunity to see this beloved character take to the big screen.