David Cronenberg's spanking worries

February 10th, 2012

David Cronenberg thinks people are too focussed on the spanking scenes in 'A Dangerous Method'.

Keira Knightley plays the role of Sabina Spielrein - who finds sexual gratification in spanking - in the movie about the relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud but director David Cronenberg says this is only a small part of the film.

He said: ''There is not a lot of spanking ... Only two shots ... But in people's minds ... In 'A Dangerous Method' there are two shots, literally of spanking. But the impact of the spanking, not to make a joke of it - is an innate part of what the movie's about. Speaking things that were unspeakable at the time.''

Viggo Mortensen - who stars as Freud - in the film revealed he only took on his role because David was directing the movie.

He told Shortlist magazine: ''If someone else had asked me to play this role, I would have hesitated. But sometimes it's good to be put in a position that you're not used to, where you're forced to try something.''