Emma Stone a 'nobody' before The Help

October 6th, 2011

Emma Stone was "nobody" when she signed up to star in 'The Help'.

The 22-year-old actress - who plays a journalist fighting for the rights of black maids in the 60's US deep south in the picture - was not a "stunt casting" in the movie, as director Tate Taylor had never heard of her when he agreed to get her involved.

Speaking at the UK premiere of the movie at London's Washington Hotel last night (05.10.11), Tate told BANG Showbiz: "When we got Emma on board it meant nothing to us! She was nobody. Same with Jessica Chastain. We weren't setting out to make a female empowerment movie.

"What I like to think is we have a movie of heroes, ordinary people changing their lives and, oh yeah, they're all women. But when we cast this movie, when I met Emma, I didn't know who she was. She had done 'Zombieland', and I'd never seen it. There was no stunt casting."

However, Emma was excited to be part of the film - which also stars Octavia Spencer and Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis - because she really "responded" to the part.

She added: "I think the only conscious decision is to do scripts that I really respond to or roles that I really would like to try my hand at. If whatever reason they decide to actually allow me to do it then I'm overjoyed - so this one was pretty mind-blowing to be a part of."

'The Help' has been a huge success in the US - despite a production budget of just $25 million, it has grossed $160 million and it topped box offices for 25 days straight upon release.